Delivery and payment

How can I order ?

Orders may only be processed through our shop: via site checkout. Just go to the site: -> scroll down -> chose your product q-ty -> click “buy” -> fill form and send money! It’s very simple!
* We will contact with you after reviewing of your order and provide your order NR
* Once the transaction is complete your order will be shipped

Do you accept order per e-mail ?

No, we don’t accept per e-mail, wicr, skype. Only trough site

Do you have a minimum order ? 

We don’t have a minimum order.

How can I pay? 

Currently we accept only Bitcoin.

From where do you ship?

We ship from Russia.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

How long does it take after the payment to receive my order?

We send your package within 1-2 days after the payment (rarely – 3 days). Delivery time ~ 7 days. So, you will get your package after 7-10 days after the payment.
After the package is sent we provide you tracking number.

What is your shipping price?

The price of delivery is 13 $.

How can I track my order?

You will get tracking number within 24 hours after we send your order.

What is your reship policy?

Although we have very high success rate of delivery but your package may be seized/lost. It does not depends on us. If your order is seized/lost we will reship it for the second time (but only once!).
Important note – we dont reship to Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Singapoure and Scandinavian countries because of high rate of seizure. Please take it in mind if you want to order HGH delivery to these countries.