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Growth hormone is the prime hormone in body, regulating growth and development of human being. Its posses different features and affects numerous metabolic processes.
Due to large benefits to humans, use of recombinant analogues of HGH is growing.
There are two options of getting rHGH, one is expensive pharmacy products and second off label produced bio analogue.
But due to intrinsic complexity of the protein therapeutics, generics or bio analogue is difficult to produce compare to chemicals, and process of production requires knowledge and experience in the field.
Having solid background in biologics manufacturing we decide to create the product which combines quality of registered rHGH products and affordable price of off label generics.
Collaboration of Dutch and Russian bio pharmacists gave us opportunity to use latest technology for rHGH production, in creation NEOFIN Aqua© ( recombinant Human Growth hormone).
Now you have opportunity to get quality product comparable with pharmacy ones with reasonable price. We are producing our product on GMP grade facility in accordance with European Pharmacopeia 8.0 requirements of somatropin solution for injection 01/2016:2370.
We launched NEOFIN Aqua on Russian market in 2016. Having experience and feedback from our customers we decided to bring NEOFIN Aqua towards European countries and USA.
Today you have option to use product with high consistent quality and democratic price. For you convince we developed special thermo stable formulation NEOFIN Aqua© withstanding +20+25C for 3weeks.
We are glad to share with you our product and happy to have a feedback from you.
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NEOFIN®AQUA (102 IU) 250$ 212.5$

somatotropin (rDNA) injection 3.4 mg/1 ml

RP-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 98%
SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 99 %
Endotoxin level: <4 iu/mg
Host-cell-derived protein residues < 90 ppm/mg